And the winner is….

The results of EUSA 2014 Elections are in.

Finally the wait is over (how did we survive?) and EUSA can now reveal that the new president is Briana Pegado!


Briana Pegado beat off the three other candidates  to become the new top dog of our love-it-or-hate-it student union.

In her acceptance speech, she asked the audience to “Remember why we’re here, the people who voted” and then thanked her campaign team who  “kicked ass!” Well seems they certainly did a stellar job. Listen to her reaction here.

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 19.57.35

Bio: ”I believe that if we are expected to value our education, we need our education to be accessible. By education I mean learning spaces, information and teaching. I believe EUSA should function as a space for us to come together to learn from one another and play. I believe EUSA should provide us with improved feedback, fair accommodation, and better transport. I know how to affect change in EUSA without becoming a product of its politics.”

Flagship Policies:

  • 1-to-1 Compulsory Feedback Sessions with your Course Tutor each term
  • City Wide Bike Scheme
  • “Accommodation Hub”: makes it easier to book accommodation, protects from landlords, part time students to get University as guarantor and to be exempt from council tax
  • Crisis Counselling Service: a professional will see you within the same week
  • EUSA Food Share
  • White Wall Initiative (WWI): allows ECA students to showcase and get funding
  • Student Run EUSA Brewery

Let’s see these put into action!

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 21.45.45

In other election news, candidate Tommer Spence was disqualified from the elections following an investigation into election rules as he was running for two positions. There was also an alleged coin toss for the Languages, Literature and Cultures Convener position. EUSA breaking rules?

And of course RON didn’t do too badly either!

You can relax now...

You can relax now…