Scotland’s strippers reveal all in new documentary

Channel 4 have made a documentary series showing the lives of strippers in Glasgow, Aberdeen and, the city with the most concentrated number of strip clubs in the UK, Edinburgh.


Episode 2 concentrates on Edinburgh’s ‘pubic triangle’, home to three lap-dancing bars in New Town including the ‘Burke and Hare’.

The pubic triangle is one of Edinburgh’s top Stag Do attractions

The stars of the show are three women, each with their own unique experiences in the stripping world. Firstly, Charley, an eighteen year old trying to make some money on the side as well studying for a college degree. Next is model Vivi who uses stripping to get the cash to make ends meet. Lastly is ‘Cuban Barbara’ who claims to have earned up to £4000 in a night of stripping.

Is stripping a last resort or a life choice?

For those of you who have ever made the decision to enter the ‘Pubic Triangle’ who perhaps know a ‘friend’ who has, this is a chance for you to find out about the person underneath the nipple tassels and thigh high boots.

The Edinburgh episode of the show ‘Strippers’ airs on 4th March at 10pm.