Edinburgh RAG Jailbreak 2014: LIVE

Follow our live coverage here of Jailbreak 2014

This year Edinburgh RAG is holding it’s first Jailbreak in 8 years for students across Edinburgh. The concept is to get as far away from Edinburgh as you can in 48 hours without spending any money on transport.You can hitchhike, blag a train journey or even convince Richard Branson to buy your flights….it has happened before.

Follow our live blog as we trace the steps of the teams in their mission to get as far away from Edinburgh as possible in 48 hours – we will literally be tracking their every move. Join in on the fun by by checking on the interactive map http://www.edinburghrag.org.uk/jailbreak-map/

Advice for the teams on the ground? Messages of encouragement? Want a shout-out?  Tweet us @TheTabEdinburgh  or @EdinburghRAG with the hashtag #RAGJailbreak14




FIRST PLACE: Team 13: ‘The_eh_team’

Chicago, USA 3695 miles

JOINT SECOND: Team 12: Henry & Spence and Team 16: Nick & JJ

Gran Canaria, Spain 2037 miles

4th :Team 15: The Tall and The Small – Mykanos, Greece 1824 miles

5th: Team 10: Dobson and Marsh 2014 – Seville, Spain 1286 miles

6th: Team 6: Paul & Mikey’s Jailbreak 2014 – Geneva, Switzerland 782 miles

7th: Team 5: Hopeless Hitchers – Bonn, Germany 558 miles

8th: Team 9: Schlaraffenland – Paris, France 541 miles

9th: Team 1: The Bankie Stowaways – Calais, France 486 miles

10th: Team 7: Outward Bound – Brussels, Belgium 468 miles

11th: Team 11: Wee Bit of Eastern Pals – Bruges, Belgium 419 miles

12th: Team 17: Adriana and Lucy – Amsterdam, The Netherlands 409 miles

13th: Team 4: The Italian Knobs – Maidstone, UK 356 miles

14th: Team 14:  Ross and Pieter – London, UK 330 miles

15th: Team 2: The Camela – London, UK 330 miles

16th: Team 8: Francesca and Imogen – Bishop Stortford, UK 312 miles

17th: Team 3: Lost and In-Continent – Dublin, Ireland 216 miles

18th: Team 18: Wallace Bai and Paddy – Warrington, UK 215 miles

A massive congratulations to all our awesome jailbreakers – you have done incredibly well over the past 48 hours, conditions have been tough but your perseverance has been amazing. Your ability to keep smiling and send hilarious snapchats has kept spirits high at Tracking HQ .

Collectively you have travelled over 16,000 miles and raised over £6,000 so far….

Finally, a huge thank you to every single person who has already sponsored our teams, and who helped our jailbreakers over their epic weekend, whether by donating money for travel, giving them a lift, paying for a hotel room or even letting them crash your wedding – without you none of this would have been possible!

Team 7 – Issie & Henry are in BRUSSELS, BELGIUM

Team 4 – Maidstone Services, UK

It’s been a VERY long 47 hrs 40 minutes

Team 1 – On the ferry to Calais

Team 14 – Gatwick Airport, London

“Still here but it’s over now I guess :(“
“Harder to get deported than we thought”

Team 10 – Seville, Spain

“We missed it” – Their train to Malaga that is, 10 beers for €6 might have played a role in this?

Team 12 (& 16) – Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria

“#ByNine Chris just wrestled a polar bear because it stole his 9 iron. Final destination reached.”

Team 1 – On their way to Calais

Team 12 (& 16) – Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria

“Just met an Australian fellow named Adam Juster. He was holding a bowl of lemon curd and was the spitting image of Indian off-spinner Harbajaan Singh”

Teams 12 & 16 – Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria

Sunday morning in the den

Team 4 – Maidstone Services, UK

“A freight going to Bremen was going to take us over but apparently we are security risks. So we shall find a car :)”

Team 16 (& 12) – Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria

“The den just about held up to the hurricane force winds. Lovely view in the daylight though #livinlavidaloca #overandout”

Team 5 – Olivia & William are in BONN, GERMANY

“Made it to Bonn about 4am this morning, found Will’s Uncle and Aunts house and crashed”

Team 12 (& 16) – Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria

“Awake and in the den. No sun yet. Microwave”

Team 15 – Ionian Sea

On a ferry heading toward Mykonos

Team 15 - Ferry to Mykonos Sun AM

*Hanecdotes* Episode 15

Lots of unanswered texts prompted this Hanecdote – ‘I feel ignored by people I don’t even know, I felt like we developed a bond’

Team 7 – Lille, France

Waiting for a train to Belgium!

Loving life & looking fresh

Team 1 – Dover

“Still here :(”

Team 3 – Stuart & Alexander are in DUBLIN, IRELAND

“Great to be out of Leeds, now to find a bed”

Team 4 – Wrotham, UK

“Forgot to mention we’ve been returned to the bleak existence of petrol station”

Team 4 - 05-45

Team 4 – Wrotham, UK

“I’m very much hoping we’re on the right track”

Team 4 – M25

“With our three hour late start there’s a tiny chance in hell we can escape this wretched country #prayforteam4 #wherethefuckischicagoanyway”

Team 9 – Julia & Laura are in PARIS, FRANCE

“Bon nuite! Gonna have a proper sleep right now after hitchhiking for 42h”

Team 15 – Georgie & Alexa are in ATHENS, GREECE

Team 15 in Athens-001

Team 7 – France

“Just crossed the border into France, woot woot”

Team 4 – At Cobham services, M25

“Miracles exist, and occasionally they happen”

*Hanecdotes* Episode 14

‘We can only hope that when we marry, Booth will change… its just so simple. My initials are HB too, like the pencil. That’s the first joke that anyone ever cracks.’

*Hanecdotes* Episode 13

‘I resent Dominos because…last time I ordered from them on the phone the guy said ‘Hannah Boobs’ – and I said ‘No, Booth’, and put the phone down.’

Team 13: Aisling & Kristina

Team 13 are in CHICAGO!

<img class=”alignnone size-large wp-image-4913″ alt=”” src=”http://edinburgh.ta

Our resident Agony Aunt Hannah will also be providing hourly (H)anecdotes.

*Hannah’s Helping Hand* – If anyone (viewers or competitors) needs any advice about anything they can tweet @EdinburghRAG or Snapchat ‘edinburghrag’ and Our Resident Agony Aunt Hannah will have her ‘helping hand’ at the ready.
NB. Hannah has a condition that means her (helpful) hand shakes, uncontrollably.
Team 12: Chris & Henry
The boys have prepared a little song that they would like to share with you all:

We never win at home and we never win away,
We lost last week and we’ll lose today.
We don’t give a f***,
Because we’re all pissed up,
Team twelve FC, ok!
And we never win away,
We never win at home,
And we never win away,
WE NEEEEVER WIN AT HOME and we never win away
Allez allez allez ohhhh,
Allez allez allez ohhhhh,
Allez allez allez ohhhh…

Copyright 2014 © Team 12 FC

Team 14: Ross & Pieter
‘Applying for deportation papers at Gatwick airport in a bid to leave the country’

RAG providing that all important inspiration to help the teams on their quest.
What would Mufasa do? (Before the stampede obviously) PS. Thomas says.. ‘Remember that time I got to Paris in 21 hours? Yeah, me too’

Team 4: Evan & Alessandro
Evan in desperate need of some inspiration whilst stuck in Heathrow. Chin up!

*RAG HQ Update*
Since we can’t go to Big Cheese tonight we’ve recreated the atmosphere at RAG HQ

Team 12 & 16
Don’t worry, the guys at RAG HQ won’t be going either

Some inspiration for those stuck in airports and service stations…

Thomas has arrived with the Krispy Kremes and is pure cheesin’

Team 16: Julia and Nick
Just had to tell Team 16 not to travel to Nouadhibou, Mauritania from Gran Canaria on Government advice!


Team 1 – In Dover trying to get a ferry
Team 3 – Arriving in Dublin on a National Express coach at 06:15
Team 4 – In Heathrow with nothing but a fiver and high hopes
Team 5 – Aachen, Germany – trying to get to Bonn
Team 6 – Just landed in Geneva, Switzerland
Team 7 – Just boarded a bus to Lille, France
Team 8 – Heading to Stansted Airport in the hope of catching a flight
Team 9 – Headed to Paris with £200 of sponsorship money
Team 10 – Heading to Seville, Spain
Team 11 – On a free train Brugge, Belgium
Team 12 – Arrived in Gran Canaria
Team 13 – Arrived in Chicago
Team 14 – At Gatwick Airport begging and hoping
Team 15 – Boarding a flight to Athens, Greece at 22.15
Team 16 – Just landed in Gran Canaria, trying to head further South
Team 17 – In Nevele, Belgium heading to Amsterdam, Netherlands

Team 13: Aisling & Kristina
Team 13’s flight from Paris has landed in CHICAGO

Team 16: Nick & Julia AND Team 12: Henry & Chris
Both teams have just arrived in Gran Canaria!! 359 consecutive days of sun though…. unluckyyyyy

Team 12: Henry & Chris
‘Here’s us making ‘official people’ hold up cans of Red Bull.’ – Looks like she runs the company…

Team 15: Georgie & Alexa
Georgie & Alexa are heading through to security for their 22:15 flight to Athens…yo

Treat4TheTrackers @ RAG HQ – Race2Paris team ‘Krispy Kreme‘ have made a return to the hitchhiking scene.

Team 3: Stuart & Alexander
Team 3 have boarded the banter bus to Dublin, they arrive at 06.00. In other news, the trackers at RAG HQ are getting a little delirious.

Team 4: Evan & Alessandro
#JailBreakingBad2014 UPDATE: Still in the motor-home, Heisenberg is driving.
‘He’s a lovely bald man from Surrey, but when it comes to other road users he’s surprisingly ruthless. Ergo, Heisenberg’

Team 15: Georgie & Alexa
Team 15 have lost it!! The long wait for the flight to Athens is still 5 hours away!

Team 10: James & William
‘Sweet ride’ – BREAKING NEWS: The lads have JUST crossed the Spanish border heading for Seville. Plan is to try and get to Morocco from there.

Team 10: James & William
A snap from the marina in Faro, Portugal this morning. Could have stolen a boat and sailed to Africa instead guys?

Team 4: Evan & Alessandro
Team 4 have a lift to Heathrow in a motor home. #JailBreakingBad2014

19 hour update!
We have teams already in/en route to: Dublin, Athens, Geneva, Lille, Seville, Amsterdam, Lithuania and Chicago!!