ValenTinder: The alternative Valentine’s date

The Edinburgh Apprentice brings you ValenTinder.

As it gets closer to Valentine’s Day, there will be many who are dreading the holiday with thoughts of being alone with only Mr Ben and Mr Jerry for comfort. But fear not, The Edinburgh Apprentice has come to the rescue with their product, ‘ValenTinder’.


So first off, The Edinburgh Apprentice. Say what?! Well you’ve probably all been flyered for this outside the main library at some point, but here’s what it really is. Basically, it’s a mini version of one of Britain’s favourite TV shows (only without the film cameras and the ruthless Sir Sugar), and is a business competition run by iCUE.

 iCUE is a society and a student-run business project who organise business, entrepreneurship and social projects on and around campus, as well as with local and international businesses. Their aim is to introduce students to the world of business by providing first hand experience.

This year’s event  is sponsored by RBS, E&Y and ICAS, for all 4 unis in Edinburgh. The competition includes 4 rounds: selling, investment, case study and finally quick-fire interviews and product development.The winning team receive a £1000 prize. Why didn’t we sign up?

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The Tab caught up with Edinburgh Uni’s 2014 team – Jenna Kelly, Naomi McAuley, Arleta Wiertelak – and spoke to them about their product for this competition, ValenTinder. Jenna told us:

“I applied on a whim –  I’m really interested in starting up my own business so thought it’d be a great experience in networking etc.

“Our team has their selling round on Thursday 1pm-5pm outside the Main Library (obligatory location unfortunately). We’re providing a service called ‘ValenTINDER’, bringing the Tinder App to life on Edinburgh campus. People apply for a small charge and we match them up with a last minute Vday date, and they automatically get put into a prize-draw.

“No-one likes a cupcake sale outside the library. We wanted an innovative service and Valentine’s Day is where the money’s at.”

Say goodbye to chocolates and self pity this year!

Say goodbye to chocolates and self pity this year!

Woohoo, no leg work needed for a date this year then!  This is the profit-based round for the girls and the other teams across Edinburgh, and runs from Thursday (tomoz) to Monday. As other team member, Naomi, puts it:

“Everyone’s on Tinder, whether they like to admit it or not. This is the perfect opportunity to get last-minute plans for the big day, or else just give your friends that helping hand they’ve always needed…”

Good luck ladies! Check out the event page here.