Students want police out

On Thursday EUSA will vote on a motion to have no cops on campus.

EUSA is set to ban police from campus after two students  were removed by police from Old College during Princess Anne’s visit.

Their motion – which representatives will vote on this Thursday – proposes: “To refrain from inviting the police onto campus unless absolutely necessary to counter a specific and material threat to, or attack on, the safety of people on campus;”

EUSA want them out.

EUSA want them out.

This proposition has been put forward as a result of the treatment of the students involved.  EUSA’s motion quotes how the students were treated during the incident, with University staff “calling the students “scum” and  “I hope you get deported” to an international student;”. The police also called the students “a threat” and  that they “were lucky not to have been shot”.

As a result of this motion, EUSA hopes that students will have “the right to freely enjoy their campus and study without fear of University Staff or Police interference, abuse or assault.”