Win with the Big Cheese

One more reason to go to The Big Cheese this Saturday

Students at The Big Cheese have the chance to win big by completing challenges.

Like any more reason was needed to hit up The Big Cheese (BC) at Potterrow on a Saturday. The night now has more appeal than ever for us cash-strapped students, as every Saturday they will give one lucky guy or gal the chance to spin ‘The Wheel of Cheese’.

In an effort to add something different to the night, BC will set challenges throughout the night which students can tackle for the chance to spin the wheel, which could win up to an attractive £100.

BC had to say: “We started it back in January to have a bit more fun”. Although BC will set a wide range of different challenges, they claim that “the most popular with everyone is the dance off”.

Would you dance for this crowd?

Would you dance for this crowd?

This weekend, Alistair hit the jackpot and, with only a few questionable dance moves performed on-stage in front of the packed dance floor, he managed to earn himself some extra beer money for the week.

Other prizes on the wheel include a digital camera, a bottle of Tia Maria and a rubber chicken.

Some other changes have also been made, with drum and bass being played, a clear contrast from their usual playlists. One student described the variation: “It was a welcome change for me as I am a fan of drum and bass, but I went there mentally prepared for the likes of the Jackson 5, Steps, and my all-time favourite, Peter Andre”.

This is what we want!

This is what we want!

The same student approached the DJ to ask why the change in genre, to which he was politely told to “fuck off”. Well, as politely as that can ever be.

So to have a go at winning big, take your dancing shoes and be prepared to embarrass yourself like never before.  Even if you don’t win, if you’re one of the first 100 people there, you’ll at least get free entry.

You can watch the video of Alistair here.