EUSA By Elections Coming Soon

A guide to the best candidates for EUSA reps.


Is there something you want to change in your School, the University or the city? Do you like overstepping your mandate? Do you have an unrealistic view of your own importance? Do you fit in a narrow political pigeonhole? Does censorship excite you?

If so, being a EUSA student rep may be for you!


Fancy this as your logo?

EUSA, Edinburgh University’s one and only student union, is responsible for changing things, lots of boycotts & bans, and being the scourge of reactionaries and lads everywhere.

Nominations are now open for by-elections. You have until the 26th of September to apply. You can, of course, nominate yourself. Various positions are open.

Anyone can stand, but it helps to have a certain agenda. You should have a thing for protesting, boycotts, moralising, puritanism, vegetarianism, posturing and censorship.

You should also hate offensiveness, cuts, Tories, fees, lad culture, capitalism,  free speech, dissent, Thatcher, pragmatism and choice.


Some may say that a non-ideological union focused on mundane concerns, rather than attention seeking, would be nice. Others entertain the bizarre idea that universities are not the place for censorship of any kind, and individuals should choose whether or not to buy The Sun.

It’s even been said that there’s a demand for reps who don’t mind what you eat, what you buy, what you read, what you say, what arouses you or what you listen to.

But that’s nonsense.