“Always different, always funny!”

Comedy and laughter are on hand during exams with The Improverts.

Bedlam Theatre comedy Improverts theatre

Need a break from the eery silence of library? Sick and tired of revising those self-absorbed equations? Then get yourself over to Bedlam Theatre for some laugh out loud comedy Exam Shows, brought to you by The Improverts.

The Improverts.

If you haven’t seen the Uni’s resident comedic Imps yet (and why haven’t you?!), then here are five reasons why you shoul:

1. LOL. The abbreviation is permissible in this situation. They are hilarious!
2. They’re a good looking bunch of lads and ladies (totally not massaging Imp egos).

Hmm, not bad…

3. A chace to escape from exam and deadline stress.
4. Imps Drinking Game = best ever. Brink drink into the theatre and let it prepare you for a night out.
5. You’re the director. They’ll IMProvise (ha) on audience suggestions. Always different, always funny!

Word of warning though: wrap up warm for Bedlam. It may be Spring (apparently) but our charming little gothic church is not so generous when it comes to heating.

The Incredible Improverts?

The Improverts Exam Shows are playing at Bedlam Theatre on Friday 26th April, Friday 10th May and Friday 24th May. Start 10.30 pm.
Visit the events page for more details and to book tickets. Well worth doing, they go like hotcakes! It’s also a great chance to see The Imps for a  lower ticket price (£5 member, £5.50 student) before they take to the stage during the Fringe Festival to sell out audiences.