Law Ball 2013 – Feel this moment

Review of the University’s Law Ball 2013

The last time I experienced such a big queue was in 1998. Russia had just declared economic default and goods were scarce. People spent their nights outside the department stores just to have a chance of acquiring the rapidly vanishing goods. I never expected that I would find myself in the same situation in this country.

Students queuing for 7 hours

I got to the Old College around 2am, hoping to be ahead of the queue, then I saw a long line of colourful and drunk students. The queue for the Law Ball started at 11:00pm, and the ticket sale started the following morning at 08:00am. The Law Society committee previously announced that there would only be 340 tickets on sale for one of the most popular social events of the year. People did the most of a cold Edinburgh night and a nine hour queue! Nonetheless, there was a tangible sense of excitement and very tangible smell of alcohol. After spending several hours in the queue, I was convinced that this was an obstacle course by Ross McEwan and the rest of the Law Society committee to ensure that only the strongest and most dedicated end up at the Law Ball 2013.

My friend and I

Gorgeous Law Society Committee

There were many hidden surprises at the Law Ball. As we arrived at the Balmoral, the aura of sophistication was striking. In terms of fashion and aesthetical appearance, it was the event of year. You rarely see so much beauty and elegance at once. It would have been difficult to make a best dressed couple competition. It was well worth queuing for hours – it was a night of decadence, romance and intrigue, with sumptuous food, free flowing drink and sizzling entertainment. After a 3 course dinner, the night was full of socialising supported by drinks and in the next room we found a cotton candy machine and photo booth. We attended a Ceilidh until our feet started bleeding and it seemed like the night would never end. For some people it seems it still hasn’t: even weeks later I still see lawyers who met each other at the Ball, happily holding hands and walking down Prince’s Street together, and a lonely guy in search of a name of a mysterious blonde he fell in love with that night.

Ceilidh Dancing – bringing the best out of people

After party condition

Cheers to the Law Ball 2013, the night you will never forget, yet can’t seem to remember!


By Tatiana Maslennikova