Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair

The weird and wonderful styles of the past set up shop in Edinburgh.

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Old is the new new. Mini-skirts, knitted pullovers and psychedelic patterns are coming back hard with a vengeance. And where better to get them than at a vintage fair? Then the old literally is the new.

Judy’s back at HMV

Judy’s travelling vintage circus caters for all tastes with clothes for both men and women. With pieces dating right back to the roaring 20s, travelling through the swinging 60s, and arriving at the present where retro material was being used to create cute little skirts, you’d have been sure to find something worth falling in love with.


“Mini-skirt’s the current thing, ah uh”

Dirty Dancing à la Cinderella

I certainly did. I must confess that I have an addiction to coats. So when my eye caught a 1950s green, fur trimmed collar number hiding amongst the fur coats, I couldn’t resist. Luckily, the shop assistant lowered the price to £25. Living up to Judy’s “affordable” ethos for sure.

My purchase of the day.

A retro sound-track accompanied shoppers, the DJ on the HMV Picture-house stage pumping out Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl” and most of the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. There were also cocktails and cupcakes on offer; obviously an event not geared towards girls then. Unfortunately though, my lashing out on silk-scarves meant a Tequila Sunrise was a no-go at £5.

They were just too tempting…

Although they may have been on the hunt for more, there were many customers already looking pretty chic:

And my personal favourite:


For all of you LOTR fans out there.

And there weren’t just clothes on offer. Vintage jewellery, handbags and even dainty chinaware could be found. But we found the best: a handheld camera worthy of the Goonies.

Pearls galore.

Roll camera.

So next time Judy pays a visit to Edinburgh, pop along and see what blasts from the past you can find in the wardrobes of history.