Crema survives but EUSA looks ridiculous

Vice Pres wins vote amid scandal, baffling voting procedures and jazz hands.

Once again, the Edinburgh Uni Students Association opened itself up to ridicule last night in an emergency vote, as scandal, baffling voting procedures and jazz hands were all features of the night.

Students in their hundreds gathered to vote on whether to fire Vice President Max Crema, accused of sexism, ageism and using the long arm of the law to stop an article on this from being published.

Media were banned from filming but The Tab snuck a pic

Past indiscretions include telling the staff that they’re run by “middle-aged women” and publishing an article on his OFFICIAL Vice President blog entitled “Why We Spit in Your Drinks”. Sounds charming!

Shockingly, Max survived voting, but not before tensions got lairy on the floor – poor Max even had to drag his flatmate out to find someone who would actually speak in defence of him!

Media were banned from filming inside (great way to carry on Max’s traditions there, guys!) and students had to vote by raising their hand.

However, they stuck with it and, banned from clapping, had to take a lesson from Dancing with the Stars and break out the jazz hands to support a point.

Both the vote on Max Crema and the motion to censure the president, James McAsh, failed.

Apparently, EUSA now just turns a blind eye to this sort of behaviour…