BNOC of the Year: Nominations

Who will be crowned Durham’s BNOC for 2015?

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Durham is the only uni to have three student river deaths in 14 months. Community leaders discuss why between 3-5pm today

River deaths could be work of ‘serial killer’, says UKIP candidate

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Cuth’s freshers lived with dead rat for a YEAR

They smelt a rat

Staff at Shack to breathalyse drunk clubbers

Going out tonight? Better get ready to blow

Durham second year runs 155-mile Ultra Marathon with broken leg

Is it just me or does he look like Brody from Homeland?

Do you have the best bum in Durham? Prove it

Sun’s out, bums out

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Watergate: Esquires brand Durham student ‘pompous’ in row over free water

Water lot of bother

Fences are of ‘limited use’: Results of river safety review revealed

Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents’ findings announced

Water Safety Week campaign hits Durham

Barely anyone is even here

Durham police declare war on Klute


Hey straight people, please get out of gay clubs

You’re getting in the way of all the men who want to bang

How to go on a sober night out and enjoy it

Apparently you can have fun without being utterly sloshed