Durham One Theatre Awards – Epiphany

Vote now in the DurhamOne’s Theatre awards of Epiphany

Preview – Cabaret

David Knowles sits down with Sian Green and talks Cabaret!

Preview – Rent

David Knowles talks to Douglas Gibbs, Director of this week’s Assembly Room’s production Rent

Preview – Little Shop of Horrors

David Knowles previews this week’s Hild Bede musical, Little Shop of Horrors

Preview – Anything Goes

David Knowles previews the Treveylan College musical, Anything Goes

Preview – Fresher: The Musical

‘There’s also often a certain core group who come to shows in Durham, and we really want to break away from that with Fresher. Absolutely anyone can come along, have a drink from Kingsgate, and enjoy an hour or so of a really funny show’

Spotlight – Julia Loveless, Director of Pirates of Penzance

David Knowles talks to Julia Loveless

Durham Improvised Musical: Improv all the way – Review

I think what I was most impressed by in this show was the speed and ease at which ideas formed and then blossomed and, furthermore, just how tight knit the group were. Most of the time I felt completely relaxed watching them which, this must be emphasised, is incredible considering the fact that the show is improvised. Yes, there were a few wobbly moments (Peters managed to deliver an entire speech on the need for a ‘plan’) but they were far outweighed by the brilliant ones.

Oklahoma – Reviewed

This was not a simple show to review and I feel unable to give a sweeping judgement of the whole thing without having to endlessly qualify my words. Some aspects were brilliant, some better than average, but unfortunately some felt underdeveloped and flat.