Durham Revue

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Meet The Durham Revue, the best of Durham’s comedy student theatre

They’re performing with the Cambridge footlights tonight

The Revue – Revued!

Caroline Gaunt lets the Revue tickle her funny bone.

Reviewed: Comedyfest

Lizzie O’Connor enjoys an entertaining evening of comedy

Preview – Comedyfest!

David Knowles interviews the President of the Durham Revue Fergus Leathem about this Friday’s Comedyfest extravaganza!

Reviewed: The Durham Revue

Caroline Gaunt reviews the Revue.

Reviewed: The Durham Revue’s Christmas Feast!

Jesus and Penguins? It could only be the Durham Revue’s Christmas Feast!

Spotlight – Fergus Leathem, President of the Durham Revue

Two snowmen are standing in a field. One turns to the other and says “you know what, I can smell carrots too!”