The ‘Artist’ Speaks: Exclusive Interview with Ian Williamson

EMMA FRANCOMBE interviews unsuccessful DSU Candidate IAN WILLIAMSON as he delivers a ‘parting shot’ to the University


JACK OUGHTRED discusses the on-going row over compensation for university students left homeless for weeks

Meet The Presidential Candidates

The candidates answer a variety of questions

Preview – Fresher: The Musical

‘There’s also often a certain core group who come to shows in Durham, and we really want to break away from that with Fresher. Absolutely anyone can come along, have a drink from Kingsgate, and enjoy an hour or so of a really funny show’

Because You Couldn’t Be Arsed- DSU Question Time

A round-up of the Question Time at the DSU

Who let the Hound out?

JENNY DELL asks whether Hound’s move from the DSU to Studio is all that good