Vaccine passports to be required for access to Billy B

Students left blindsided and confused as proof of vaccination becomes a requirement for library use

In light of the government’s successful Covid-19 vaccination programme, Durham is set to announce new library regulations that will see proof of vaccination becoming mandatory to enter the Billy Bryson.

Currently, university policy only advises that students continue to be tested regularly.

The changes are set to be implemented from the start of Easter Term, which comes as an unwelcome surprise in the run-up to end of year exams.

The Tab Durham heard from Chad’s finalist, Tom, who said “I don’t understand, I’m not even sure many students will have had the vaccine by the start of next term. I’m worried about exam preparation”.

The vaccine rollout, which has so far been aimed at the over 50s, looks to be given to 18-25 year olds by the end of July. Whilst the vaccine rollout has seen over 30 million people in the UK having their first dose, it is unlikely many Durham students will be among this number.

Hatfield second year Marcus offered a solution to this would-be crisis, “I think something akin to the storming of the Bastille, I’d 100 per cent get behind a Billy B raid”.

Sources have not yet confirmed how the policy will be enforced and whether other study provisions for unvaccinated students will be provided.

The rumours of new and confusing university regulations could not come at a worse time, with exam season just around the corner. It has caused some to question the University’s priorities.

For more information about the vaccine passports, you should probably check the date now.