A mass vaccination centre is opening in Durham and it could be next Monday

It’s part of a roll-out of six other sites across the country

It has been confirmed by County Durham Care Partnership that a new mass vaccination centre will be opening imminently in Durham, and it could be as early as next week.

Although a venue has not yet been publicly confirmed, it is expected that the chosen venue will officially announce the news shortly. This venue is anticipated to have a year’s lease and will join six other new sites that are expected to open across the country.

It is proposed that the Durham mass vaccination site might have the capacity to deliver in the region of 700 jabs per day, as seen at Newcastle’s Centre for Life, which is currently the only other site of its kind operating in the region.

The Durham site is expected to aid the efforts of GP surgeries, pharmacies and hospitals, and will be accessible to Durham County residents within a 45 minute drive.

The Government has tasked sites around the country with delivering 15 million vaccinations to the over-70s, frontline health workers, and clinically vulnerable by next Monday, but students and young people are not expected to be vaccinated before the summer.