Overheard at Durham students come together to get hungover second year a McDonald’s

‘I was like, the only thing that can sort me out is a Big Mac’

Harvey was in the midst of “one of the worst hangovers” and desperately needed a McDonald’s when he decided to turn to the only place he knew would help: The Overheard at Durham Facebook group. And boy oh boy, did it deliver.

Speaking to The Durham Tab, second year Durham History student Harvey says he woke up “a mess,” and “was like, the only thing that can sort me out is a Big Mac.” He then decided to post on Overheard: “I’ve never needed a McDonald’s more. Pls can someone drive me asap.”

The Facebook post

Like an angel descending from the heavens, someone commented: “I can if you are desperate.”

Instead of driving him there, she went to McDonald’s herself and got Harvey’s order for him. Harvey says he “defo told her not to go out of her way for it, but she said once she’d read it she got a craving for one as well.”

Harvey asked for a Big Mac meal and a couple of McFlurrys for his housemates, but they’d run out of McFlurrys so she got them 20 chicken nuggets instead. Harvey says: “I felt that was a valid alternative.”

Harvey’s McDonald’s

He then commented on his original Overheard post, with a photo of his food, saying: “Update – [she] is my new best mate.”

Harvey says: “It made one of the worst hangovers bearable. Genuinely had no idea that someone was actually going to see it and go get me a Maccers.

“I literally had no idea who she was before, one of those random acts of kindness which makes your day, especially on a hangover.

“I spoke to her this morning to pay her back for it and her words were to give her a shout next time I want one.”

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