Klute is finally reopening and it’s table booking only!

Just in time for Freshers’ Week

Ah yes, Klute.

It is likely the first cultural landmark that comes to mind at the mention of Durham, even before the Cathedral and Castle. A place of Sunday night magic, ABBA megamixes, unparalleled vibes and scandalous rumours.

Our hearts collectively shattered at the prospect of no more Quids In or SNK thanks to Miss Rona, but here is some news to make them beat again: Klute is finally opening its doors once more.

It has been a long and arduous wait, but a post today on the Klute Facebook page announced that the reopening date is set for Sunday 27th September – just in time for Freshers’ Week. But what is perhaps more unexpected for what was voted the worst nightclub in Europe (after the previous title-holder burnt down), is that they are offering table booking only – so book a table ASAP if you don’t want to miss out.

No other details about the new set-up have yet been announced, but I for one cannot wait to get back. Though we may no longer be able to dance, pull random people just as “That’s Amore” is playing, or socialise in the secret smoking area, we may now get the chance to actually cash in all those free shot vouchers we never had the chance to spend. After half a year of withdrawal, that Sourz shot will taste like Olympian Nectar.

If the three week wait is a little too long for you, then you will be thrilled to learn that they are also hiring. Praise be to the Klute Gods!