We had a photoshoot in Durham’s newest vintage shop. This is what happened

Hands down the coolest vintage shop in the North East

Sustainable fashion is here to stay. With major fashion houses and figures in the industry encouraging consumers to embrace pre-owned, there’s never been a better time for vintage clothes.

Despite fashion show season drawing to a close, Durham’s clothes scene never sleeps. Whether it’s vintage sales in the DSU or student run Depop accounts and fashion designers, we students are always looking for our fix of wavy garms and pre-owned attire.

The newest addition to Durham’s vintage scene is Circle Vintage on Saddler Street, and it has a lot to offer. Opening this year in the grade II listed building where Jack Wills used to be, it has everything from Top Hats to Nike, antique jewellery to luxury dressing gowns that both students and locals can enjoy alike.

The building itself is a piece of Durham history, being the previous home of the old university tailoring company Grays when the university first opened in the nineteenth century. Whilst back then you’d be buying a handmade robe to matriculate in, now you can buy vintage Ralph Lauren to rock to your seminar.

And yes, it even does student discounts…

Embracing the spirit of the fashion show, we decided to organise an impromptu fashion shoot to showcase the magnificent, the weird and the wonderful items on offer – and we had a blast doing it. Presenting The Tab does Circle Vintage 2020:

Collection 1: Swinging Sixties

Our models rocking international styles, from Honor in fur to Sophie rocking the Jackie Kennedy look

Lederhosen is coming back – you heard it here first.

Our photographer Rahul makes a cameo

Collection 2: You’re as old as you feel

I have no words

You’ll see me rocking this to June Ball in Summer…

Our model Aaron sporting the “Ice cream man by day, Matrix by night look”

Circle Vintage’s Ball gowns looking stunning on whoever wears them. Even with a sombrero

Collection 3: Violence 

Our model Etienne can really hold that gun…

Now you know where to get your “Winter Palace storming” attire

I don’t know where Barney got the stick from, but that sheepskin coat is stunning

Collection 4: Jewellery

After a long day of in the heart of summative season, our model Johnny takes a moment for some reflection

Circle Vintage also sell some staggering jewellery

Collection 5: ???

Etienne as Ariel in Shakespeare’s the Tempest

In their spare time, Johnny and Etienne are members of the world’s worst Cuban Jazz band

Thanks to our photographer Rahul Shah and to Circle Vintage for the outfits. Everything worn is available to buy RIGHT NOW.

Link to Facebook page here.