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All the best pics from the DUCFS catwalk and behind the scenes this year

Because why not


It's been yet another successful year for Durham University Charity Fashion Show. Students flocked to see some of Durham's finest take to the runway in aid of charities "STOP THE TRAFFIK" and "Fashion Revolution" in Durham's biggest night out of the year.

This year's models donned an array of designers from across the world, all in the name of ethical fashion. They models are also, completely unpredictably, ridiculously fit.

Here's a roundup of all of the best looks and behind-the-scenes shots of DUCFS 2020.

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Meeting the fans x

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Masks and headpieces were used throughout the show

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Every year there's an underwear segment of the catwalk

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Whole lot of texture going on here

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P o w e r f u l

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Bridal meets baby Charlotte

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Me bracing myself to walk into the lecture hall when I'm 20 mins late

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Modelling the brand UNROW, very Matrix

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The underwear segment saw all of the female models in full lingerie get ups

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A Yiwei Wu outfit with tons of tulle

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I said it before, I'll say it again: Matrix vibes

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Strike a pose

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Alexa how do I get abs

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Yes that is Eliza Batten from Made in Chelsea

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The overwhelming energy of this pic is just "yikes"

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The show had a ballet component as well

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Hands up for DUCFS!

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Nice n oily

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Lots of frills

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Oily part two

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Imagine being this fit

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The models waiting backstage

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Very wavey very vibey

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Yes that is Eliza Batten from Made in Chelsea again

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Oh my god is that Jake Paul?

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The male models preparing for the swimwear walk

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Very intense

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Lifting weights won't help you now mate you're on the runway in a sec

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How are they still fit when I can't see their faces

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All smiles post-show

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Me showing up to my ex-husband's funeral like

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Yes that is Eliza Batten from Made in Chelsea for a third time

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Lots of staring going on here

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Boys boys boys I just can't say no

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Vermeer's Girl with the Pearl Earring is QUAKING

All BTS images credit to James Yallop Photography

All catwalk images credit to Toby Lowenstein for Vivid