Nominations are open for Durham’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette

It’s time to get nominating

Cuffing season is officially here, and tragically many of us are spending it alone.

You’ve probably exhausted all your options in college, concluded that your library crush will never notice you, and given up on the absolute hot mess that is Durham Tinder.

Well fear not, because hope is on the horizon – The Durham Tab’s most prestigious of competitions is back. Likely to get its nominees elevated to BNOC status across the city, your sad single friend might finally get the attention they deserve.

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So go ahead. Nominate that fit boy you keep making eye contact with in the aisles of Tesco, your dashing housemate who’s still struggling to make that infamous 70 per cent – or even yourself if you’re feeling bold. Show the people of Durham what they’re missing out on.

Hit us with your nominations by filling in the form below…