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Five places to sleep in Durham when your college has a power cut

No power, no worries


As you read this article, hundreds of freshers are being relocated after a power cut left Collingwood and Grey college in total darkness. Students have been temporarily evacuated with the only backup accommodation provided being at Maiden Castle in the form of PE mats on the hard sports hall floor.

At least it's nice and warm outside…

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Here is our makeshift guide for all those tired students who just want somewhere warm for the night:

The Billy B

Now open 24/7 The Billy B is an ideal to spend the night (especially if you nab a sofa in the café to yourself). What more could you want? It’s warm, there are toilets and water fountains, and if you can’t sleep you can always bang out that summative.

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Granted, you won’t get a wink of sleep with ABBA blasting out at full volume, but it is warm and only a pound’s entry on Tuesdays. If you are going to sleep try and find a chair because if you lie on the floor you don’t know what disease you'll contract by morning.

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You'll be sleep in a bed of sweat, dirt, and broken hearts…


Not only is it warm and cosy but the intoxicating smell of baking pizza will fill you heart with joy. Plus you won’t get delicious midnight snacks anywhere else (curly fries with garlic sauce for me plz), just don't forget to bring cash. The only downside is that you will 100% run into someone you know which is a bad thing if you slept with them months ago and haven't spoken to them since…

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Never underestimate the power of a cheeky “you up?” Just send that to enough matches and you’ll be guaranteed to find a warm bed. The only issue is that someone else might be in it. But after the uncomfortable sex you'll have half a warm bed all to yourself.

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A picture paints a thousand words…

Stuart Corbridge's mansion

It's big enough to fit them all…

Our thoughts and prayers are with you Collingwood and Grey freshers.