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What does your choice of seat in the Billy B say about you?

Sucks if it’s Level 4

Ah Durham. Three years of predictable club nights, the northern cold, and probably a few flings. While relationships might come and go, you can always rely on one guy to have your back. An affair with its fair share of tears and tribulations, no matter how tough the going gets, you and Billy B will ultimately pull through.

But with a few thousand students sharing your main man, you’ve probably chosen your favourite place to make this relationship seem a little bit more special. 

So what does your favourite spot say about you?

Level 2, seats by the entrance:

Two options here: either you radiate big dick energy with your blatant display of intellectualism, or you're simply too lazy to venture further than the barriers. 

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Level 3:

You probably fancy yourself as a bit of a BNOC. In prime sight of anyone on a walk through, the ultimate goal from a library stint is a Tindur being written about you. You've perfected the sashay up and down the stairs between café and work space, and the cherry on top of the cake is your library girlfriend/boyfriend actually noticing you.

Level 4:

Uni for you is definitely about the degree. Secluded in the upper echelons of academia, even your own appetite can't hold you back from scholastic achievement. With its no food policy, expect to find those sustaining on water and genius alone.


The ultimate procrastinator. You read a whole ten pages of an article and now deserve a two hour lunch break, an overpriced toastie and a gossip. Four hours later, and actually having to "work" on your degree is beginning to take its toll.

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The home of the introvert, the archives provide seclusion and invisibility to anyone needing a reprieve from Durham's bubble while still nailing their degree. Concealed in its dense shelves, alternatively, this is the place for anyone found hiding from their ex or smashing out a summative undisturbed in their pjs.

Group Study:

The realm of the academic extremes. Engineers meet sociologists meet geographers meet anyone whose degree includes "collaborative" work. Spot the person visibly frustrated by carrying their group as they jab their pen too hard at the whiteboard. Expect to also find those using work as an excuse for a chatter with their mates.


Billy B? So last year. You're too edgy for the mainstream, and you know it.