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Mysterious anti-Lumiere stickers are popping up around town

‘Our world burns but at least it looks pretty’

Durham’s biannual lights festival kicked off two days ago and has seen floods of tourists come to see the light displays.

However, at some point between yesterday evening and this morning mysterious stickers emerged around the Bailey protesting the light show:

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The stickers read:“Our World Burns

“But at least it looks pretty!



The stickers seem to express anger at how environmentally unfriendly the festival is, with the violent image of a burning forest used as the backdrop with the text on top calling out how the light and sound installations are kept on until late at night even with nobody around to see them.

Expecting a total audience of around three million, Lumiere is a loved by locals and notoriously hated by students due to the access restrictions it imposes in and around the Bailey.

The Lumiere website claims that the 37 artworks this year “are made as energy efficient as they can be” by using low energy LED and some creations even using recycled materials. Nonetheless, they do concede that their light installations will “always use energy.”

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More like Gloom-iere in the day time amiright?

If anybody knows anything about these mysterious stickers, please get in contact with us.