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Durham students steal housemate’s whole bed as part of a house prank war

They hid every part of her bed in a different flat

A Durham student who was involved in an ongoing prank war with her housemates returned from a trip to Paris this week to find her bed missing.

Nelly Kaidan got back to her flat bedroom to discover her whole bed missing and a sign saying: "Roses are red, violets are blue, bring me back to Flat 2."

It took her a whole day to search for her bed, which had been dissembled by her housemates. Each part of the bed had been given to people in different flats within the building.

Nelly told The Durham Tab: "My flatmates and I decided it would be funny a couple of weeks ago to start pranking each other. It was super harmless at first like we switched all of my friends photos in her room upside down (there’s lots of them) and cling filming the outside of someone’s door so they would walk into it in the morning.

"Then I was in Paris over the last couple of days so I was out of the house and they decided it would be funny to play a big prank on me by making my bed disappear."

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"So they split up all the pieces, mattress, pillows, duvet, the two bottom bits that make up the bed frame and distributed them around the flats which surround our building."

To reassemble the bed, Nelly had to knock on each flat door and request the part of her bed back. She said: "So I was on a chase around the building trying to get people to let me into their house so I could get all the pieces back."

But don't worry, she didn't lose any sleep over it – literally: "But it’s all good because the last piece was returned before I had to go to bed so I wasn’t so bedless in the end."

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