An exclusive first glance at Babylon, North Road’s newest venue

Thank God we’ve got more than like, three options now

As I’m sure a summer spent outside the Durham bubble has made us well aware, on a comparative scale, Durham’s existing nightlife is rather drab. That’s why, when the prospect of a newbie hitting the scene came to light, The Tab Durham were hot on the tails of its new owners, to try and find out if there’s any hope of salvation for our events scene. As it turns out, there actually might be.

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Dubbed “the hanging gardens bar and club”, Babylon’s theme and namesake is taken from the Ancient Wonder with the same name- the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, located in modern-day Iraq.

The Tab Durham managed to nab an exclusive interview with Babylon staff, to suss out what kind of vibe we can expect.

In an exclusive interview with its Manager, Chloe Pybus, The Tab Durham were told: “Babylon aims to be a new mecca for the work hard, play harder student.

“With a nuclear powered sound system, extra-terrestrial decorations, and Northern drinks prices, Babylon will be hosting Durham’s best student nights on Wednesdays and Fridays”.

The music we can hold out for ranges from RnB to Disco to the occasional bit of ABBA, The Tab Durham have been informed.

Photos of the new venue are still being hotly anticipated, whilst the finishing touches to the venue are currently underway. In the meantime, our first glimpse at Babylon comes in the form of this video on its Facebook page.

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Though the venue is initially set to open in late September, its official launch for Durham students will come in the form of Jam City's Mob Kitchen event on Thursday 3rd October. You can check out the Facebook event here, to keep an eye on updates on how to get tickets.

OPAQUE also looks set to relocate to Babylon. On the Friday, they'll be hosting their CC:DISCO! night, which you can buy tickets for here. As the name suggests, you can expect a solid disco, house and boogie mix from its headliner, as well as a set from Durham's own Jake de Glanville too.

Babylon occupies the space on North Road next to Loft and Studio, and has been completely gutted out after being an unused space in recent times. Previously, it has been a cinema, a Walkabout Bar, and most recently, a Live Lounge music venue.

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Loft will be closed to the public for events in Michaelmas term, in order to make way for Babylon. Additionally, the new club promises to be much larger in area than the former North Road venues, which The Tab Durham has been told will allow for more frequent and more impressive guest DJ appearances.

For further updates, you can keep an eye on the Babylon Facebook page.