Vote for Durham’s BNOC of the Year 2019: Round one

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the biggest name of all?

Finally! Exams are over. This can only mean one thing. It's time to shift our attention to the thing that really matters: crowning Durham's Biggest Name on Campus 2019.

With just under 500 (truly wild, though at times, frankly worrying) submissions to plough through, narrowing down a shortlist was tough. Thankfully, we've succeeded, so here's the first batch of names to get your teeth around.

Remember to vote for your favourite, as only one of these can make it through to our final round!

Meerav Shah, Second Year, Castle, Combined Honours

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Meerav apparently knows absolutely everyone, and every night, he's either out on the sesh, or in all the Claypath takeaways getting discounts on his food because he's NOT out.

One time when out with a friend, he saw two people getting it on in the distance. As a joke, Meerav said "it'd be really funny if I knew those people". Lo and behold he did, and when Meerav greeted them as he passed by, they weren't even embarrassed- just happy to see him.

He's also known for being in lots of societies, and once threw an iconic Tellytubby-themed social.

Meerav told The Tab Durham that it was "just a real surprise" to be nominated, and that he's going to miss everyone next year when he's on his year abroad.

Declan Merrington, Second Year, Hatfield, History and Education

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Every nomination we received for Declan featured the same worrying story, involving a naked run in at night time with a Hatfield porter.

Thankfully, Declan provided us with "a more timid version". After deciding on a nude sleep (given that it was a hot night), he found himself locked outside his room when it shut behind him on his way to the loo next door.

Left with no choice but to call the porters to let him back in, Declan likens his feelings in this moment to the "the shame that the biblical Adam discovered after eating the Apple of Knowledge". The porter had also jumped to the conclusion that he was unclothed because he had a girl in the room- just to add to the embarrassment.

Declan is also known for being an avid poster in Overhead at Durham Uni, and was distraught at eventually being banned from the group for his persistence.

Gabby Cairns, First Year, Mildert, Music

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Gabby's been a bit of an icon since day one in October, and has been making solid impressions in and around college ever since.

She became a major talking point when she showed up to her Open Day Rep interview still drunk, and dressed in her Britney Spears t-shirt. She then went on to spend a large chunk of the interview showing everyone all her bruises, and the sprained wrist she'd sustained on her heavy night before.

Gabby's best story comes when, after accidentally swallowing a large amount of Olbas oil, her corridor decided to call 111 for advice. When an ambulance was dispatched to college, the paramedics were informed by her corridor that she had actually decided to saunter off to Players whilst waiting for them instead.

Gabby is thrilled to have been nominated, telling The Tab Durham "I've never been more ready for anything in my life".

Shouq Majali, Second Year, Trevs, Law

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Shouq is apparently so well-known that she once made a bet with her friends that she wouldn't be able to walk from the Billy B to the Calman without at least three people saying "hi". She ended up £100 richer.

Her friends also tell us that, when in the Billy B, she never bothers to tell anyone when she's going on a coffee break. This is because, when she gets down there, she knows she’s guaranteed to see at least 2/3 groups of people that she knows.

Shouq is also very popular among the Durham clubbing scene, familiar to the bouncers at pretty much every club. Apparently, they're so well acquainted that she's not had to pay a club entry for ages, as they always seem to let her in for free!

Tamara Celeste Herrington, First Year, Chad's, Politics

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Described by her friends as "never talking about anything except how popular she is", Tamara Celeste is apparently known by everyone. Since her arrival to Durham in October, she has found herself the subject of many dubious Durfesses, Tindurs, and Grindurs. In fact, she was once banned from Durfess for posting too many comments on its posts.

Tamara Celeste is perhaps best known for her involvement in the Durham Union, something which she's often stopped and asked to talk about whenever she's out and about.

She knows how to let her hair down too, though- in Fresher's Week, she even received an email wanting to talk about her "spectacular" vom, which her friends have vouched "truly was spectacular in every sense of the word".

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