It’s time to nominate Durham’s BNOC of the Year 2019

Send the crazy people this way, please

Sure, it’s exam season, and we all hate ourselves right now. Why not take a break by reminiscing on some of your friends’ maddest antics this year?

Everyone knows this place is absolutely FULL of BNOCs (or perhaps, just people who fancy themselves as one), so it’s time to do some close analysis, and see who’s worthy of the crown once and for all.

Anyone can be nominated. Do you have a friend who seems to know everyone on a night out? Tell us about them. Is there someone who can’t go to Tesco without stopping on every aisle for a quick chat? We want to know. Is your Billy B crush just as popular with the rest of the uni? Send them our way.

Whether they’re well known for needing their stomach pumped every night, or losing all their stuff and becoming an avid ‘Overheard at Durham Uni’ poster the following morning, fill in the form below to nominate them.

Nominate them below!