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Licence granted for another club on North Road

Loft will close to make room for it

A licence has been granted for what was a former cinema in North Road Durham to become YET ANOTHER club.

Northumberland Taverns Ltd, submitted the licence application earlier this year. Despite opposition from locals, the application was granted permitting the sale of alcohol between 9am-2am as well as live music until midnight.

A spokesperson from Northumberland Taverns Ltd confirmed that "Loft," one of the clubs already on North Road would close to become part of the new club.

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No more queuing for years on North Road?

The new club will have capacity for 800 people and will also operate as a pub, because we don't have enough of those in Durham.

The building on 13-15 North Road was previously an Australian themed restaurant and is currently used a Chinese buffet.

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The Parish Council has objected, calling the plans "unacceptable". Councillor Victoria Ashfield said she had spoken to Durham students and had agreed to support them, claiming they have a right to a "comfortable life while they’re studying in Durham." She claimed Durham students are often afraid to make noise complaints, since they see themselves as "temporary residents."

She told The Northern Echo: "In the past, we have wanted to protect residents against students but now that most of the residents are students we’re cognisant that most of them want to work hard while they’re here and make sure that their money is well-spent on their fees."

No formal complaints have ever been made by Durham students in the area.

A student living on North Road has told The Durham Tab: "Living on North Road is loud, but it’s more the 5am Tesco delivery trucks rather than the club nights that are a nuisance. The noise from club nights have not been an issue."