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Durham into University Challenge Semi Finals after beating Edinburgh

Marry me Cameron Yule

Durham University are into the semi finals of University Challenge after beating Edinburgh University.

The quartet of Round, Yule, Toynbee and Murray required another victory to secure passage to the final four following a close victory over Glasgow a few weeks ago.

The team correctly answered questions amongst others on the most commonly used knots and separatist movements in Iran.

Particular mention should be put aside for Cameron Yule: as well as offering up a sharp jawline and swooning open shirt combos he was able to display knowledge of the plays and novels of Samuel Beckett. He also created a storm online with enthusiastic buzzer pressing abilities:

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Don't know what is more sharp: Cameron Yule or his Jawline

Amidst the significant success, when asked to identify and name the band behind "Video Killed the Radio Star," Murray's incorrect response of "The Bugels" rather than the Trevor Horn led "Buggles" prompted Paxman to retort 'Shame On You'. Either way, they're still better than us.

Durham eventually trashed Edinburgh 165 to 110 points, not quite as much as the score against Keble in January but we are not complaining.

Durham will fight for their place in the finals in a few weeks time. Round, Yule, Toynbee and Murray: we salute you.