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Vote: Durham’s Most Eligible Bachelorette round two

We round up Durham’s finest

You’ve seen our first round of bachelorettes, but now we’re back with another round of Durham’s best belles. Head to our Instagram story highlights to see all of our bachelors and bachelorettes so far.

Arabella Henderson, third Year Hatfield, Anthropology

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‘Her friends are “surprised she is still on the market really’

In what way do you consider yourself eligible?

Because I am a sophisticated, single senorita.

Describe yourself in three words

Dancing, Skiing, Drinking.

Describe the perfect date in Durham

Riley’s fish shack because I will be the catch of your day.

What’s the best pick up line you have used?

I know it’s summative season but you can add me to your to do list.

Holly Gadsby, third year Grey, Classics

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‘She collects colleges, virginities and her victim’s hoodies’

Describe yourself in three words

Wealthy, stealthy, unhealthy.

In what ways do you deem yourself eligible?

I have no discernible standards and to be honest I just really like attention.

Best pick up line?

Let’s play Titanic, I’ll be the iceberg and you go down.

Ideal date in Durham

Watching you pull a sub 6:00 2k

Cara McCabe O’Neill, third year Stephenson, Finance

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‘Fastest college bingo ever completed’

Describe yourself in three words

Woman, myth, legend.

In what way do you consider yourself eligible?

I’ve survived both Stockton and Gilesgate, so I can handle anything you throw at me, I have a solid Irish accent and I’m going to be an investment banker – reasons why you, your mams and your doggos will love me.

Best chat up line?

I’d let you slip your hard border into my Irish backstop.

Describe the perfect date in Durham

Heading to big Tesco just as they’re reducing everything, then back to mine for some wining, dining and 69ing.