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Durham Uni says Centurion Society ‘puts students health at risk’

They said 100 shots of beer was inappropriate and excessive alcohol consumption

A Durham spokesperson has publicly condemned the unofficial 'Centurion Society', for its signature challenge, which encourages students to "neck 100 shots in 100 minutes."

Colin Shevills, the director of alcohol abuse campaigners Balance, said the society "encourages people to drink at dangerously excessive levels."

The university confirmed they did not sanction any society which could harm students. Sam Dale, the director of student support and well being at Durham University has distanced the society from the university, saying that: "We would not sanction any events or activities which encourage inappropriate or excessive alcohol consumption."

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The society was founded by a trio of freshers in October. They now boast 217 members, all of whom participate in monthly "training" sessions. The "100 shots challenge", where participants drink 100 shots of a a drink of their choice earns the title of "Highest Order of the Empire" if they complete the challenge without being sick.

A member of the society told The Durham Tab that the highest percentage drink used for the challenge was an eight per cent mulled wine.

A leader of the society, known as "Caesar" has since defended the 100 shots challenge saying: "The 100 shots only equates to drinking four and a half to five pints. It doesn't have to be alcohol.

"It's a fun and safe environment to drink. It's very optional. What you drink doesn't have to be alcoholic, you can just come for fun and the games".

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Hail Caesar?

Some students have said the society has been treated harshly. First year student William Bloomfield said: "I don't see why so much attention has been drawn to this particular event when other societies do just as alcohol based events."