This is not a drill: Love Island are scouting at Fabs tomorrow

We’re not mugging you off here

Are you a 10/10? Do you have impeccable chat? Or maybe Tinder just isn’t working out for you, and you’ve still not found someone who’s 100 per cent your type on paper.

Well fear not, because tomorrow (6th February), Fabios have confirmed ITV’s Love Island will be scouting for their newest stars of the show up in Durham.

To celebrate the first birthday of Fabios' alternative music night, Rotate, they’ll be looking for those amongst you who are ready to ditch the North for a sunny summer of love.

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What’s more, the event is free, so you’ll have nothing to lose, and potentially everything to gain.

Those lucky enough to be head-hunted on Wednesday night will go on to face interviews with the show’s producers. Then from there, it’s pretty plain sailing: All you’ve got to do is win the hearts of both the public, as well as your fellow islanders.

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From this…

Casting producer for the show, Lewis Evans said: "[The show] is all about having a mix of desirable, aspirational singletons who have interesting and engaging personalities, to keep our viewers glued and entertained by what’s going on in the villa".

So if you fancy spending your summer with bunch of attractive strangers, Fabs is where it'll be at – forget about being loyal to any of the other clubs.

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… to this

The club's manager told The Durham Tab that "Itv called us and they are sending scouts on Wednesday to Fabio’s Bar."

Although it’s a birthday special, the night will be featuring sets from familiar faces at Rotate, including Gus Cooney and Brett Garrett, as well as its usual Residents. So whilst it might have a couple of new and important guests, it's shaping up to provide the same great music as every other Wednesday.

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Won't be needed that 1/4 zip in Spain…

Get yourself dressed to impress, and head on down there. Who knows- you might just grab yourself a spot on the 2019 edition of the show. That’s got to be a more impressive set of summer plans than an internship, surely.

Details of the event can be found here.