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Durfess announces it’s suspending all posts

They’ve promised to return one day

It is with great sadness that Durfess announced last night that they would be suspending posts for the foreseeable future.

The admins posted at 7pm on Thursday night to their 13,000 followers, saying: "Following recent conversations, we are suspending all posts to Durfess at this time."

This comes after The Durham Tab revealed that certain posts had been sent to the Durham Union Society for approval before posting. Durfess had previously been accused of using its platform to sway the outcome of the society's election.

Durfess said: "Durfess has never, and will never collude with organisations to ensure a blanket political message – the legal conversations this week should demonstrate that quite conclusively.

"Thank you to all of you who have offered to donate money to fund legal campaigns, and advice. At this time, we don't require to raise funds – but should litigation come in the future, we appreciate knowing that Durham is on our side."

Students were quick to express their sadness at the possibility of Durfess shutting down. Durfess#9431 read: "Please don't shut down Durfess, it's all I'm living for."

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Don't we all!

Durfess admins told Palatinate: "We will be returning with college war as soon as we can.

"We are chatting to our counsel, making sure that our position in the face of pressure is steadfast and established.

"hope to ensure that our platform remains as influence free as possible, we are managed by a student team of magnitude who range in background in every way imaginable – despite this, we are united in our desire for an open platform to connect Durham students.

"It’s in the interests of the continued existence of that platform to ensure that it can survive potential action against it from anybody. The recent drama has unfortunately expedited this need for security."