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Why you should write for the Tab Durham

tl;dr – it’s fun

With our open meeting tonight at the Library Bar, here are a few reasons why you should write for The Durham Tab.

To write stories students care about

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Just last term we exposed St Chad’s College fellow Stephan Pax Leonard’s racist tweets, reported on rising prices of accommodation, and broke news of a MacDonald’s coming to Durham.

We even spoke to a ghost.

Whether it’s our clubbers of the week or what Peep Show character your college would be, The Durham Tab is always reporting on the things that Durham students actually give a fuck about.

To get a head start in Journalism

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Tab writers often get their stories picked up by national media, and have broken stories later picked up by The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Guardian.

Tab writers have gone onto write for The Times, The Telegraph, Vice, The Sun and The Mail to name a few.

Flo Perry, Editor at Buzzfeed, and a former Durham Tab writer said: “The Tab is a unique platform for students to get their voice heard. There is no other organisation offering such creative freedom with such a big audience. It was the most fun thing I did at uni, and I wouldn’t have the job I have now without it.”

Other Tab alumni have gone onto write for UK Vogue (Ellie Pithers, The Tab Cambridge, ‘11) as well as the New Statesman (Patrick Maguire, The Tab UCL, ‘16).

To have fun

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Where else can you rinse the Durham stereotype and call out Hatfielders for being posh and weird? We do socials as well, don't worry.