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Palatinalps 2019: The après fashion rundown

There’s snow way it could have looked better

Last week, the Alps got fashionable. You all know what I'm talking about – if you weren't there, you saw the Instagram stories.

Palatinalps, you were fabulous from Panobar to Umbrella (a treacherous journey down some packed piste in a mulled-wine daze if ever there was one) to Smithy's and Avalanche.

There were iconic moments and some iconic outfits. There is nothing Durham does quite so well as edgy fashion (although you would think living in Durham would teach us as to how to dress so we're not absolutely fucking freezing, but, alas, no).

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spotted: a fabulous vintage pink shellsuit

A daily Pano trip always provided some much-needed slope-garm inspo:

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A glimpse of leopard with a little vintage never hurts

I was pleasantly surprised by how much vintage I spotted – I'm all for sustainable fashion and, trust me, those 80's shellsuit jackets have never looked so good.

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Metallics have undeniable appeal

And Pano, simply put, was wavy. Being told to put your hands up if you love money (which, funnily enough, I now have none of – an €8 pint is a bit of a struggle but a necessary accessory) by a DJ who somehow managed to play The Lion King and the Titanic theme tune alongside Camelphat and Riton was strangely incredible. Pair that with a pink shellsuit jacket and some original sunglasses and you've got an absolute vibe.

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a pint in hand is always a necessary addition

Weak effort if you were one of those who simply donned the classic North Face puffer jackets. Warm and functional, yes, but you're in the alps: weird shit is welcome here.

Getting naked in Umbrella on the final day was more chic than that (I was astounded by your bravery, boys who birthday-suited it).

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Edgy eyewear is always crucial, both on and off the slopes

I was, however, disappointed by a distinct lack of animal print out on the slopes. Considering the prevalence of leopard print flares on our cobbled streets, I was expecting a few more leopard print all-in-ones.

Shout out to the girl in the luminous snowsuit, though – you looked amazing. I want one.

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the brighter, the better

And Folie, Folie Douce. As much as Pano will always hold a special place in my heart, we can all admit that it has nothing on Folie. The away day in Alpe D'Huez was prime après. I needed a little bit more sweet madness in my life: the singing angel, the live trumpet player, the multi-coloured fur-coat wearing man sort-of singing.

All of it begs the question – what is going on? But that is exactly the point – what is going on is going on.

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Nowhere quite like Folie baby

I would also like to issue a particular shout out to a certain guy who turned up to Oktoberfest dressed quite literally as a pint and rocked the pint look on the slopes the next morning. You are iconic. Distinguishing yourself on the slopes is never a bad move, with onesies making a fluffy comeback in Les2Alpes. Comfort is always key and, if nothing else, at least when après inevitably hit you a little too hard you were prepped for a pre-night out nap.

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In 2020, I'm expecting some serious snowsuits. Nothing boring, please – the wackier, the better. Metallics are desirable. My advice: raid your parent's wardrobes for even more vintage ski garms (we're talking not just the shellsuit jacket but the whole neon shellsuit – it will look far better on the slopes than it will on the streets). Recycled is the new new. Accessorise with tiny sunglasses and prep your boldest (and biggest) hip-flasks.

Until next year, Palatinalps.