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Durham student wins £32,000 on Who wants to be a Millionaire?

That’s over 10,000 meal deals

Hani Abdellatif, a Hatfield student, won £32,000 on Saturday evening’s episode of ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’ He also managed to enrage viewers who took to Twitter to express their anger.

The Masters student powered through the first set of questions with knowledge of the English translation for the “Day of the Dead” festival as well as where a “Brummie” is from.

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Nice one Hani

He stumbled on a question about the Royals: “Which of Queen Elizabeth’s II’s children was first to get married?” and resorted to ask the host Jeremy Clarkson.

Some viewers were outraged by comments the student made concerning the Royal family. He stated he had “no interest” in the Queen’s children and would have preferred a question “about the Kardashians.”

The student's attitude seemed to offend some, accusing him of "arrogance" and even "having the same hair cut as a scarecrow"

Hani answered incorrectly when asked what building features on the new £10 note. and left with £32,000.

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The face I make when I check my bank account

When asked about his technique by the host, the student answered that "I think the last contestant was, and I don't want to criticise my comrades, but she was too cautious I think and I'm just going to go for it."

In an interview with ChronicleLive, Hani said:

"I think the Royal family is good, I actually like the Queen but I'm just not that interested in them.

"I really wasn't trying to annoy anyone."