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Which classic university drink is your college?

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During your three or four years at university you will discover that the consumption of certain beverages defines your existence. From Nikita vodka to the glorious filth that is a woodgate, which drink is your college?

Collingwood: Woodgate

For the kings and queens of sport know how to get loose, the beverage of choice has to be the infamous Woodgate in Jimmy's; probably seen off in one so that they have both arms free for Sandstorm.

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Pro Strat: Scoop the ice out first

Grey: Nikita vodka

Grey by name, unfortunately not Grey Goose by nature. Nobody's first choice, just something you have to deal with.

Hatfield: Tequila

Hatfield, the college everyone loves to hate, has to be attributed the drink which inspires the same feelings. Saying you're from Hatfield is the same as offering someone a shot of tequila: a lot of initial fuss then it goes down an absolute treat.

Jo Bo: G&T

The mature students of the university, willing to cook for themselves whilst everyone else is blessed with catered potatoes. These culinary pros need a good strong G&T before they get to work on tonight's food masterpiece, just like your mum.

Aidan's: Berocca

Aidan's dwellers need to keep their strength up to tackle all those steps. A life-saving Berocca it is. It's also really cold, so illness is more likely.

Chad's: Budweiser

A good reliable drink: such easy crate transportation from Tesco as well.

Cuth's: VK

Fun and competitive, but too much can give you a headache.

Hild Bede: Taddy's

"Pint of Taddy's please; we're literally so close to The Swan! So handy for the town and not in the middle of nowhere at all!"

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John's: Mulled wine

You know, for before choir practice.

Mary's: Literally any cheap wine

Echo Falls or £3 wine so that their vision is sufficiently blurred for when they enter the college bar.

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Trev's: Rum

They need the strong stuff to briefly forget that they live in a myriad of hexagons.

Castle: Prosecco

Champagne's cheaper and rowdier cousin is the only beverage acceptable to drink in the walls of an actual castle.

Van Mildert: Whisky

Goes perfectly with all that spare water hanging around.