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Durham students are so noisy that a man has literally had his bath upholstered

‘I think they are all just waiting for us to die’


Local residents of Durham are having to sleep in their baths and their living rooms to escape the chants of the undergraduates.

Yet one man has literally had his bath turned into a bed for some peace and quiet, as the back of the house is literally the only escape from the rowdy students.

Noise issues have been a long running issue in areas of Durham. In some cases Durham students have been so loud that one man "…has had his bath upholstered so he can sleep in it. That’s extreme but most residents in those areas have moved to the back of their houses to get away from the flow but it doesn’t always work.” – Mike Costello, Durham University Residents' Forum members.

One area in particular disrupted by the noise is Blakehouse Lane where one woman has begun logging every time she has been woken up. So far it's amounted to a total of 28 times between January and March.

The woman who is a member of the St Nicholas Community Forum told the Northern Echo that she regularly encounters shouting in the early hours of the morning but stressed that "if it continues I don't think I can live here" and that "a gang of them come past and I just feel like crying. It’s like torture, every night.”

The community members feel, says Forum Secretary Janet George the "powerless" against our disruptive noise, for there are so many of us it is impossible and pointless for them to ask us to be quieter and another resident stating that "I think they are all just waiting for us to die".

Vice Chancellor Owen Adams commented on the complaints, stating “I was truly sorry to hear of the situation detailed by the St Nicholas Community Forum. No-one should have their life disrupted in this manner."

But further Adams stated that: “We expect our students to take responsibility for their conduct as local citizens and encourage their peers to do the same.”

There's only so many times you can sing "take me home" as you walk back from Klute before you really start to disrupt people's daily lives. This isn't our city and there were people here long before us. Try and keep the noise down and maybe then nobody else will have their bath upholstered or think we are waiting for them to die.