Graduating this summer? You can now climb Durham Cathedral’s tower

The North-West tower is open to visitors

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For the first time, members of the public will be able to climb the North-West Tower in Durham Cathedral, allowing for spectacular views across the whole of the city.

It's opened following the continued closure of the central tower, which has been shut since 2016 due to ongoing conservation work.

Despite the scaffolding still ruining your every photo for now, those graduating this summer will have some compensation in being able to climb the tower for one last view of the city in all its glory.

Definitely the best place in the city to nostalgically reminisce about your time in Durham.

A member of the Cathedral staff said: "It has been opened purely for visitors to enjoy the breathtaking views.

"You can see the whole peninsula, the castle, and even the loop in the river, a perspective that you don't get from anywhere else".

Better get those cameras on panoramic mode!

Aidan's students in particular will feel right at home with the 137-step climb.

But it's surely worth it for the stunning views of the city, and will change the standard cathedral photo game.