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We went for a walk along the meandering Wear in the snow, and you should too

A Saturday Stroll with Josh Kay and Lucia Sklar

Everyone loves to complain about the snow. It's cold and slushy and irritating, and it gets everywhere… But I've always thought that snow is rather pretty, and as such thought that it would be worth going for a walk to appreciate the winter beauty of Durham before it all melts away.

We left Grey college and started by making our way down South Road. We both agreed that we'd like to see the river, so we turned left down Quarryheads Lane and took the path towards Prebends bridge. Seeing as it's bad luck to cross the bridge before graduation, we continued straight up a separate path.

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We found ourselves on South Street and headed along until we found our way onto a path that ran through some trees down towards the river. From my room overlooking the a car park at Grey College, a chance to see the cathedral proudly stand over the snow-topped buildings below was a marvellous experience.

We found a bench where we sat for a while, just to admire the view before Lucia snapped the lovely cover photo, sadly too late to make an entry into The Tab Durham’s snow photography competition.

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Not the best photo in the world, but it's pretty!

Despite the cold and the snow – the songs of birds filled the air and we even caught sight of a few coal tits hanging around in the snow and the lower branches of a few trees.

We made our way down to the river itself and walked along its banks – looking at the many varieties of ducks and reading the names of all the people who had benches dedicated for them. We walked all the way to Framwellgate Bridge before returning to town and going to Vennel's Cafe for tea.

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Earl grey tea with lemon and a lovely hot chocolate to warm us up!

It's incredibly easy to live in an area and even get to know it well without ever exploring it fully. This walk was hardly groundbreaking, and yet it still took me through and around some beautiful scenery – so much so that I certainly hope to make a habit out of this. Durham is a beautiful place to be, and I can't wait to see it from all angles.

Not only that, but walking is great for one's own health – both physical and mental. Everything from sleep, stress, memory and anxiety can be improved by spending even just half an hour a week on a walk just for the sake of walking. Perhaps next Saturday, we'll see some of you out there!

A brief message from The Tab Durham's agony uncle

Hey there! This piece was partially inspired by Grey College Mental Health Awareness Week and whilst it has gone up after its conclusion – I'd like anyone out there struggling with anything at all to know: you're not alone. If you'd like to ask someone for advice, or even just let someone know how you feel – you can reach out to me anonymously here. Stay safe.