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We searched high and low to bring you a list of the cheapest alcohol you will find in Durham

Our handy cheat-sheet is 100% science

As a student, a big part of the weekly budget is dedicated to alcohol. To maximize the profits of your student loan, we've put together a study showing where you can buy the cheapest alcohol in Durham. Whether this alcohol will give you a stomach ulcer, however, is a different story.

We looked at the price in the three main Durham student alcohol providers: Tesco, Sainsbury's, and Dunelm. We divided alcohol into four major groups: spirits, beer, wine, and cider. All in all, more effort has gone into this than any summative.

Key stats

1) The cheapest drink in Durham is Dunelm's 'White Ace'. At 20p per unit of alcohol, it is very closely followed by Crofter's cider from Tesco, which might be less disgusting.

2) The cheapest vodka you can get in Durham is by far Nikita vodka (a staple of the Durham student experience).

3) The only alcohol on this list that is cheaper in Dunelm and Sainsbury's than in Tesco is Lambrini.

The Tab's Alcohol Price Cheat-Sheet

Here's our extremely handy cheat-sheet! If you can't read maths, scroll down for the breakdown on the cheapest variety of each alcohol.

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I am officially more committed to this than my degree


The king of Uni drinking: vodka so cheap it tastes like cologne.

Tesco (Nikita Vodka): 0.34 GBP/unit

Sainsbury's Vodka: 0.48 GBP/unit

Dunelm (Glen's vodka): 0.49 GBP/unit


Carling is the cheapest beer of all.

Tesco: 0.37 GBP/unit

Sainsbury's: 0.5 GBP/unit

Dunelm: 0.56 GBP/unit

Red wine

If you're really desperate, you can just buy red wine vinegar.

Tesco's Shiraz: 0.38 GBP/unit

Sainsbury's Shiraz: 0.51 GBP/unit

Dunelm: Kumala Shiraz: 0.69 GBP/unit

White wine

For the basics who can't stomach red.

Tesco's Chardonnay: 0.44 GBP/unit

Sainsbury's Soave: 0,57 GBP/unit

Dunelm: Sauvignon blanc: 0.70 GBP/unit


Granted, Lambrini barely qualifies as wine, but it gets a special mention for being the cheapest thing to come in a glass bottle.

Tesco: 0.36 GBP/unit

Sainsbury's: 0.31 GBP/unit

Dunelm: 0.34 GBP/unit


Tesco: Crofter's cider: 0.205 GBP/unit

Sainsbury's basics cider: 0.28 GBP/unit

Dunelm: White ace: 0.2 GBP/unit