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Tom Harwood is running for NUS delegate again, and he’s made another meme video

He’s promised to make Freddos cheap again

Tom Harwood is running for re-election as an NUS delegate, and has made yet another meme video mocking the NUS with ridiculous pledges.

The Durham student, who ran for NUS president last year, says he's defeating ISIS and will make Freddos cheap again.

Check out the video:

This year’s campaign follows on from his viral campaign video last year.

Harwood has stated that "if you like memes, and think 'the NUS is a bit shit' you’re in for a treat". He notes that since he was elected last year, ISIS has been in retreat and promises to end Freddo inflation.

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Harwood says that "the NUS is failing to represent students, and focuses on irrelevant self-aggrandising issues, playing international politics rather than focussing on students. He says he will use his platform to push for reform in the NUS, and focus on issues like living costs, employability, and anti-Semitism".

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Harwood not only made a name for himself in Durham last year but also globally, by accidentally sparking twitter beef with Shawn Mendes. So if you like Shawn Mendes Harwood's probably not the one for you.

Voting opens on Friday here: