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It’s time we all realised that Sport is as difficult as any other degree

Stop making fun of Sport students

The teasing of Sport students has got to stop. Yes, maybe some of us did a B-Tec rather than A-Levels but we still needed good grades to get into Durham. Sport is a real degree.

The fact that the course is referred to as 'Sports Science' when on the quiet it's a BA, is quite ironic I'll admit.

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But many people still imagine a sort of advanced GCSE PE, and ask if you're still assessed on how well you can kick a ball around. The answer is NO, Sports students aren't marked based on how sporty they are. And before you ask, no the seminar prep is not to watch a football match. No, not a tennis one either.

Sport is wayyy more interesting than your course, guaranteed

We get to analyse sports media (fine, there's a bit of football watching involved here) and make our own media videos (so if the sports doesn't work out, we even have a backup career).

Not to mention looking at the highly controversial crime and violence within sport and psychology of athletes in the field. Sounds pretty good, right?

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DU Water Polo fresh from his swim to the lecture

Sport students are the busiest people on campus

99% of Sport students play at least one DU sport, and some even do two. It makes sense really. In every Sport cohort there are at least 10 DU rugby lads who sit at the back of the lecture hall watching rugby footage.

Students turn up in their purple DU jackets fresh from 7am training, lacrosse stick in one hand and protein shake in the other. None of that skipping your 9am because you had one too many cans last night.

Many Sport students are on meal plans which means there's high potential for food to be whipped out at any moment. Eating chicken pasta that stinks out the entire lecture hall is a regular occurrence. How can you go wrong with being told to eat all the time?

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A Boxer and Bodybuilder with protein shake in hand

The sport just never ends. Lots of the students cycle to lectures and jog in a few minutes late, red in the face and still wearing their bike helmet.

Yes, Sport students do a lot of work

Like every other course, Sport has lectures and seminars galore, with a few practicals and workshops thrown in for fun. That's around 13 whole contact hours to juggle around living at Maiden Castle and visiting home once in a while.

So stop making fun of Sport students because we do actually have to do work!