FITTEST FRESHER: the female winner revealed

She’s beauty and she’s grace

Hannah, a Philosophy and English Literature student at Van Mildert, has been crowned this year's female Fittest Fresher!

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Though she spends her nights burning the midnight oil in the Billy B, Hannah manages multitasking well and has stolen your hearts, taking an astonishing 34.45% of the 1,759 votes.

Isobel Higginbotham took 18.36% of your votes and Cyd Ashbridge followed shortly behind with 18.02%. Issy Hasset took fourth place with 16.54% of the results and lastly Katey Jackson with 12.62%.

You can view the results here:

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When asked to comment on her victory, Hannah told The Tab: "I’d like to thank everyone who voted for me I really appreciate it, I’m very surprised".

And, like any true champion: "I’m going to celebrate by drinking copious amounts of wine with my future house mates!"

Remember: she might be college married, but that doesn't mean she's off the market.

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