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This is how the university has responded to the Trevs rugby social

‘We should all learn lessons from this episode’


The Durham Miners' Association has held a meeting with Durham University in discussion of the Trevs Rugby social, originally scheduled to take place today, Wednesday 29th November.

Trevelyan College's 'Backs vs Forwards' rugby social was met with national outrage. Its theme, 'Thatcher's government vs the Miners', involved encouraging players to: "Think pickaxes. Think headlamps. Think 12% unemployment in 1984".

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Owen Adams, Durham's Pro-Vice-Chancellor, said: "The College Rugby Club and all its events and activities both on and off the field have been indefinitely suspended, effective from Sunday 26 November".

At the meeting on 28 November, Durham Miners' Association (DMA) gained formal apologies from the University, the Students' Union, Trevelyan College and the rugby club.

The DMA also pushed for "an education programme which helps incoming students understand the history and tradition of the Durham coalfield" – which the university is now planning on applying.

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The Secretary of the DMA, Alan Cummings, viewed the issue principally as a lack of awareness. "We accept that the rugby club was acting in ignorance and they genuinely regret for what they have done", he said.

He continued: "It has raised a critical question about how university students relate to working class people, not just in Durham, but elsewhere."

"We should all learn lessons from this episode".

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