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Extremist anti-Islamic groups are planning a protest in Millennium Square on Saturday

Don’t worry: there will be counter-demonstrations


'Indigenous' white supremacist groups are planning to demonstrate in Durham on Saturday 25 November under the strap-line: ‘No more refugees, no more terrorism’.

Their protest is set to begin in Millennium Square (outside the Gala Theatre) at 13.00.

‘Bishop Auckland Against Islam’ will join an English Defence League (EDL) splinter-group, ‘North East Infidels’, in responding to the provision of housing for Syrian refugees in County Durham.

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County Durham Anti-Racist Coalition (CDARC) has organised a counter-demonstration under the strap-line: ’No racism on our streets – decent housing for all’.

CDARC posted on Facebook: “It isn't Syrian Refugees who are to blame for the lack of homes. It is the fault of successive governments … selling off social housing and failing to build more.”

Durham People of Colour Association (DPOCA) are among the student groups joining the counter-demonstration.

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In a Facebook post to their members, DPOCA said: “We are obviously concerned and alarmed by their [fascist groups’] presence at Durham, especially how this might impact students of colour and other vulnerable groups.”

“We want to call on white able-bodied allies to be respectful and uplift marginalised voices, and also be aware that they are in a position to defend more vulnerable folks if necessary.”

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BAAI and NEI members have a reputation for violence

Durham County Council has so far housed 122 individuals from 25 families as part of the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme. An estimated 522,100 people live in the Durham County Council area.

Both ‘Bishop Auckland Against Islam’ and ‘North East Infidels’ declined to comment.

For more information about the counter-demonstration, click here.