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The event you don’t want to miss this month

We’ve picked out the top event in Durham so you don’t have to

Popular nightlife includes "your favourite DJ", but what ever happened to the intimate, atmospheric live performance that our parents enjoyed on their weekends?

Our pick of the event this month is Chronotic Brass at the Library Terrace, fresh out from recording their debut EP.

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Tss tss ts tsssss…..

Durham has been missing a substantial live music event and it seems that Signal are bringing exactly that to the terrace but with a rave twist.

The bonus? You'll be able to buy £2 pints to boot on Thursday 30th November.

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Zach Fox (Saxophone) promises, "an octet of brass virtuosos engulfed in smoke and lasers. This is one not to be missed."

To learn more about the event, click here.