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Overheard in Durham this week

So much secondhand embarrassment

Another week has gone by and you haven't let us down. We've overheard you saying some strange things yet again, and here are the top ones:

Overheard outside The Swan

Person A: "Are you coming out tonight?"

Person B: "No, probably not."

Person A:' "So I'll see you at Lloyds then?"

Person B: "Yep!"

Makes sense.

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Overheard on Elvet Bridge

"Durham is actually a really pretty place."

So that took you a while to realise..

Overheard in the city centre

"I didn’t realise Lumiere actually means light!"

Come on.

Overheard in the SU

"Sometimes I forget I’m here to do an actual degree.."

I mean, I kinda feel that.

Overheard on North Road

"I think sushi’s my soul mate!"

It's time to get Tinder babe.

Overheard outside the Billy B

"I don’t understand why people bother going to the library when sparknotes exists."

Because it's uni sweetheart.

Overheard on the Bailey

"Apparently I got kicked out of Fabs for trying it on with the bouncer but I don’t remember so I'm hoping that it didn’t happen."


Overheard in the SU

"Is it bad that so far my entire degree has felt like a gap year?"